Monday, April 11, 2011


Now the weather is getting colder and wetter
we have started wearing our slippers indoors.
We have quite a collection of fantastic ones.
There are:
pink ones, fluffy ones, furry ones, spotty ones, plain ones
and loads more.
We have the coziest feet in the school.

Rohi's Day with Room 1

We had a wonderful day with Rohi, the little Kea, today.
(See the link to her blog over on the left hand side.)
She did : Buddy reading; played maths games; went to singing in room 4;
had fun outside at morning tea and  lunchtime; and loads of other cool stuff with us.
It was a great day!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kayden's Helmet

It has been ages since we learned that Kayden had won the competition
 to have his helmet design made into a real bike helmet that he can wear.
At last, in assembly this week, came the moment that we had all been waiting for...
Kayden's helmet has arrived and Mr Taylor presented it to him!!

Cool helmet, Buddy!!

Our Learning Centre

At our school we have a wonderful Learning Centre  which contains
our school library, a two-touch smart board and several computers.
Once a week we are able to go and work in there with Tracey,  our librarian.
We do special activities  to help us learn about different books, authors and the organisation of a library.
We are also allowed to issue books that we can take home to read.
We LOVE going to the Learning Centre every week.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Wonderful Swimming

We have all made such great progress with our swimming this term.
Swimming every day and practicing and practicing has really paid off.
Look at our photos in the Picture trail below.