Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'Dance Around the World', our school production.

On Tuesday 21st September at 7pm all of the Broadlands School Community were packed into the village hall to watch our production.
We had been rehearsing our class dances and all the songs for weeks and the show was an outstanding success.
Everyone was very proud of us.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Using Beebot.

On 16/9/10 Faye came to work with us for a second time using Beebot, a little robot that looks like a bumble bee.
In the first session we had spent time exploring what Beebot could do and how to move it. This time we had small tasks to perform.
One group had to do a sum and program Beebot to show the answer.
Another group had to program Beebot to show their initials.
We had great fun working together and are pleased that our own class Beebot has arrived and we can continue these activities in class.

ASB money wise talk.

Visit from a Super Hero!
On Friday 10 September, a visitor came from ASB bank (dressed as a  Super Hero!). He spent time with us talking about good saving habits, ways to spend and making good choices when spending.

It was great fun and we learnt a new song too:
"1-2-3-4 lots of money on the floor,
 5-6-7-8 save your money it's really great!"

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Spanish Tortilla

This term we have been studying Spain.
Sophie's Grandma cooked traditional Spanish Tortilla for us all to try.
They were delicious.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

African Drumming

On Tuesday31st August we went over to the hall for a musical extravaganza.
There were over 160 people there from two schools.
We each had an african (djambe) drum to play.
It was very noisy and very exciting.
What a fabulous afternoon!