Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buddy Swimming with Room 1.

Today we had Buddy Swimming with Room 1.

First we had some fun splashing around while we waited for them to join us.

Then we practiced Push and Glide to see how far across the pool we could go.

When our buddies arrived we got into pairs,
a Room 4 child with a Room 1 child.
We had races helping our buddies across the pool with a float.

Finally we had Tug Boat races down the pool in teams of 4.

It was such a lot of FUN!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Our Third Tennis Lesson

We began our 3rd lesson with a great warm-up game.
We were put into 2 teams.
One team had to knock down all the cones, the other team had to stand them up again.
We had one minute to do this.
Then we counted how many cones were still standing.

We swapped over and had a second go.
Again we counted how many cones were still standing after one minute.
The team with the most cones left standing were the winners.
Team 1 scored 16, team 2 scored 9.

The winning team.

This week we practiced throwing and catching over the net.
using our raquet to do a forearm stroke and
throwing the ball for our partner to hit back.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tennis Lessons

We are pleased to have Moira visiting our school this week to give us tennis lessons.
We are having so much fun
even though it is very hot out on the courts!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Athletics Day

Tuesday was our whole school athletics day.
We all did 6 different events.
Shot put, discus, sprint, long jump, high jump and tennis ball throw.
We also had an interhouse tug of war competition.
Watch our video clips.
Tongariro Juniors v Ngauruhoe Juniors.

Ruapehu Juniors v Tauhara Juniors

Ruapehu Seniors v Tauhara seniors, Ruapehu win!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sports Fun with Room 1.

Last week we went outside for some Sports with Room 1.
We had a lot of fun playing team games together.
We had to listen carefully to know what to do.
We all used our Virtues, especially 'Excellence'!
Watch our photostory.

Pumpkin Update

We have been looking after our pumpkin very well.
We water it every day.
We have put stones around the edge of our pumpkin patch.
We sing to it and talk to it too.

Watch us singing to our Pumpkin!

Our Second Practice.

Matua Grant and Whaea Martha came back to school again today to help us practice once more.
We sang 'He Honore', a Room 4 favourite.

We also learned a special Haka for the Powhiri, 'Hei Runga Hei Raro'.